Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of the Baku Olympic Stadium...

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and his wife, chairperson of the Baku 2015 First European Games Organizing Committee Mehriban Aliyeva have attended the opening of the Baku Olympic Stadium. The construction of Baku Olympic Stadium is completed by Tekfen Construction within 24 months.

Groundbreaking of the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) was held in Kars.

Groundbreaking of the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) was held in Kars. Mr. Osman Birgili (CEO of Tekfen Holding), Mr. Mustafa Kopuz (Project Manager of TANAP Project’s Lot 3), Mr. Ümit Özdemir (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tekfen Construction) and Mr. Levent Kafkaslý (Member of the Board and President of Tekfen Construction) attended to the ceramony on behalf of Tekfen Construction.

Ilham Aliyev reviewed ongoing work at the Baku Olympic Stadium

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and chairperson of the Baku 2015 First European Games Organizing Committee Mehriban Aliyeva have reviewed ongoing work at the Baku Olympic Stadium. >>

Tekfen Construction signed a $ 565 mio contract for The Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) Project

Tekfen Construction signed a $ 565 mio contract for the Lot 3 (56” x 509 km) of Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) Project which will be completed in 36 months. On the other hand, Lot 1 has been awarded to Fernas Construction and Lot 2 to Sicim-Yüksel-Akkord Consortium.

Ilham Aliyev reviewed the progress of construction at the Baku Olympic Stadium

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has reviewed the progress of construction at the Baku Olympic Stadium.

Azerbaijan has been world-renowned as a sporting country for already several years. As a result of the measures to develop this sphere in our country Azerbaijan has become a favorable place for holding internationally important sporting tournaments. In accordance with the strategy implemented under President Ilham Aliyev, sport has become a priority sphere in the country. Attention is paid to growing up a generation of new sportsmen in Azerbaijan. The head of state`s attention to and care for the development of sports allows our sportsmen to make high achievements in international tournaments. >>

And the Seniority Awards have gone to...

10th Seniority Award Ceramony was held on 11th (Adana) and 13th (Istanbul) of September. Our colleagues with 10,20,30 and 40 years of seniority were awarded. The awards were given by the Senior Managers of Tekfen Holding.

21.6 Million DAFWC in Turkmenistan...

Turkmenistan, Galkynysh Gas Field Development Project received "21.6 Million man-hours Without A Day Away From Work Case" certificate as of August 2013 from PETROFAC International (U.A.E.) LLC.

ENR Lists Tekfen 85th...

ENR (Engineering News Record), the well known publicaiton of the international contracting industry, covering the world's “Top 225 Contractors” lists TEKFEN 85th in 2012, a 3 point leap from last year's 88th place. Evaluation parameters cover annual income and the value of contracts awarded within the year.

Baku Olympic Stadium goes to Tekfen Construction

Tekfen Construction adds another important project to its portfolio in Azerbaijan, where the company has succesfully completed a number of significant projects since 1996. The company signed a USD640 million agreement with SOCAR, for the construction of the 68 thousand seated Baku Olympic Stadium slated for completion within 24 months, in March 2015.

Baku Olympic Stadium will be Tekfen’s second stadium project, the first being the 80 thousand seated Ýstanbul Atatürk Olympic Stadium completed in 2002.

Tekfen Construction to Undertake New Project in Saudi Arabia

Tekfen Construction has won the bid for the turnkey contract of the “Propylene Oxide Process Unit to be built as part of the Sadara Petrochemical Plant owned in equal shares by ARAMCO and Dow Chemical Company. Located in Jubail, the project is worth USD122.5 million and will be completed in 29 months. In fulfillment of its contractual obligations, Tekfen Construction will undertake all reinforced concrete constructions, the assembly of all structural steels and pressure vessels, electrical instrumentation works, and the construction of the central control building. This will be Tekfen’s 16th project since its first entry to the Kingdom of in Saudi Arabia in 1980.

Tekfen Insaat ranked 88th among the 225 biggest contractors of the world

A leading publication of the international contracting industry, ENR (Engineering News Record) ranks the biggest 225 international contracting firms of the world every year. The list is based on the amount of contracting work received abroad the previous year; Tekfen Insaat, which had ranked 110th in 2011, rose to 88th place this year, with new contracts reaching a total of 1.048 billion dollars.

Besides Tekfen, the list includes Turkish companies such as Polimeks, Ronesans, Gama, Enka, and Antyapi. The number of Turkish firms on the list of 225 biggest contractors was 31 in 2011, which rose to 33 this year. Turkey thus ranks second after China, as it did last year.

Tekfen Construction expands its work scope in Iraq

On March 30th 2012, Tekfen Construction signed a new agreement with Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO), a BP led consortium including CNPC from China and Iraq’s South Oil Company (SOC). The US$98 million contract includes all project management servicers for ROO’s Petrol Production Area until March 2014. The scope of the agreement also encompasses the technical training of SOC’s local staff by Tekfen Construction, on it premises in Ceyhan, Southern Turkey. >>

Tekfen signs 501 million USD contract to construct new process units for Tüpraþ

Tekfen Construction signed a 501 million USD contract with Spanish Tecnicas Reunidas for Tüpraþ Residue Upgrade Project Package 1 & 2

Tekfen Construction signed a 501 million USD with Tüpraþ’ main contractor Spanish Tecnicas Reunidas for P1 &P2 packages of Tüpraþ’ Residue Upgrading Project (RUP) The project will start immediately and is scheduled for completion within 33 months. >>

Tekfen's Osman Birgili is IPLOCA's newly elected president

Tekfen Construction’s Senior VP, Osman Birgili has been elected president of the International Pipeline and Offshore Contractor’s Association (IPLOCA) at IPLOCA’s 2011 Convention held in Beijing. >>

A new project in Qatar

The Special Projects Office of Qatar's Amiri Diwanhas announced the “Ceremonial National Day Road” project to be awarded to Tekfen Construction.

The 75 mio. US dollar project is to start immediatly with a completion schedule of 10 months.

Tekfen Construction to build 230 km pipeline for Morocco’s OCP

On January 20th, Tekfen Construction and OCP (Office Chérifien des Phosphates) top executives met to sign a contract following Tekfen’s successful tender bid for OCP’s new Phosphate Slurry Pipeline worth USD 450 mio.>>

Tekfen Construction to build SOCAR’s new headquarter

Tekfen Construction signed a new contract of USD 235 million for the turnkey construction of SOCAR’s (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) new headquarter complex in Baku. Starting in June 2010, the project is scheduled for completion within 32 months.>>

Tekfen to build its third platform in Azerbaijan

The Azfen-Tekfen-AMEC (ATA) consortium won a new oil platform tender for the West Chirag deep-sea oil concession platform. >>

Work Continues on SAMIR Refinery

Upon successful completion of the $640-million Samir Refinery Modernization Project in Morocco, Tekfen Construction won and signed a new contract for additional units of the refinery with a project value of Euro 40.5 million. >>

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Sinbad’s Country is winking to Tekfen: Sultanate of Oman

Sultanate of Oman, situated in the southeast end of Arabian Peninsula, is a country that has become popular in the recent years. The country, which placed importance on industries other than petroleum in its development process due to the limited amount of oil and natural gas reserves, has been changing its identity at a rapid pace thanks to the infrastructure investments oriented to provide better living conditions for its citizens.

The rising tiger of Asia: Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, named as the “Asian Tiger”, is one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas besides being in possession of many rich mining ores. The country, which became independent in the year 1991, presently invests the majority of revenue obtained from underground resources in infra- and super-structure projects.

"El-Mamlakatu'l-Magribiyah" [The Country in the Far West] Morocco

Morocco is a North African country that is closest to Europe and it has become one of the favorites of the construction companies due to many investment projects that the country has embarked on in recent years. The construction of new highways, ports, industrial facilities along with giant projects like the construction of 100 thousand residential units every year, ensures the ongoing interest of many contracting companies across the world in Morocco.

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