Tekfen Job No:

137, 165-3, 208, 227, 251, 253, 254


Bursa, Turkey


Various Administrations


Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc.

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Bursa, a leading industrial city of Turkey, is an area of major focus for Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc., which has successfully completed a number of infrastructure projects in the region.Tekfen's ISO 9001: 2000 certified Concrete Pipe Manufacturing Plant, established in the same region, serves the infrastructure projects of the city with an uncompromising dedication to high quality standards while providing Tekfen an edge for local competition.

Over the years, Tekfen's clients at the region ranged from State Bank for Municipal Development of Turkey and The Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa to Turkish Telecom Co., Inc.

1 - Construction and Rehabilitation of Central Sewage System
(Job No: 137, US$ 15.276.300, Period: 1986 - 1997)

Engineering, construction and rehabilitation works of 282.000 m Central Sewage Collector Network (dia 400 - 2.000 mm) including 7.489 manholes for Bursa. The project scope also covers installation of two pumping stations for the sewage network.

The investment scheme and tendering process belongs to and runs under the control and supervision of State Bank for Municipal Development of Turkey (İller Bankası).

2 - Natural Gas Pipeline (8'' - 70 Bar) Project
(Job No: 254, US$ 1.175.100, Period: 2000 - 2001)

Construction of 7,3 km (8'' & 6'' - 70 bar) natural gas pipeline connecting BOTAŞ Main Pipeline to Bis Energy Co., Inc. Power Plants situated at Bursa Organized Industrial Zone. The hot-tap scheme also covers the installation of a RMS-A Station, 6 line valves with by-pass and a switch-gear building.

*BOTAŞ: Petroleum Pipeline Co., Inc.

3 - Cable TV Project
(Job No: 165-3, US$ 4.265.000, Period: 1992 - 1997)

The project was within the Cable TV investment schemes of Turkish Telecom Co., Inc. run at various (pilot) locations of Turkey to cover 630.000 subscribers. Tekfen was awarded US$ 38 million worth of Cable TV Projects for Bursa, Izmir and Istanbul in Turkey in partnership with NETAŞ (a Northern Telecom / Canada investment in Turkey) and Scientific Atlanta (USA) groups.

Main Line Cable: 74.530 m.
Distribution Cable: 277.025 m.
Subscription Cable (RG-6, RG-11): 185.909 m.
Subscription Facility: 16.000
Main Line and Line Amplifier: 280

4 - Main Pipeline Construction; Bursa Environmental Health Project
(Job No: 251, US$ 1.948.000, Period: 2000 - 2003)

The project covers 11.000 m concrete (dia 150 - 1.200 mm) and 18.650 m (dia 100 - 700 mm) steel piping for sewage and rainwater system of Bursa covered under The Environmental Health Scheme. The quantity of related excavation and filling works covered were 220.000 m3.

5 - Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone, Rain Water and Sewage Collectors Project
(Job No: 227, US$ 1.341.000, Period: 1998 - 1999)

Open V Channels: 380 m.
Reinforced Concrete Sewage Duct: 773 m.
Concrete Piping (dia 200 - 600 mm): 1.803 m.
Reinforced Concrete Piping (dia 800 - 1.600 mm): 4.246 m.

6 - Production and Erection of Pre-Cast Beams for the City Belt Line (Motorway)
(Job No: 253, US$ 6.237.000, Period: 2000 - 2003)

The project involves production, transfer and erection of pre-cast beams for bridges and viaducts at Turanköy interchange of Bursa City Belt Line / Motorway (km 2+000-27+148).

7 - City Sewage and Water Network Rehabilitation and Construction Works
(Job No: 208, US$ 14.607.600, Period: 1996 - 2001)

The project involves Sewage and Drinking Water Network Rehabilitation and New Construction Works under Bursa City Water & Environmental Health Program run by Metropolitan Municipality of the City.

The project also covered 4.000 m of ductile and 1.600 m of PE piping (subscriber connection) for drinking water network, 1.200.000 m3 of excavation and filling, 90.000 m of concrete piping works (dia 200 - 1.600 mm).

8 - BURKAN 2, Rain Water Collectors
(Job No: 256, US$ 8.302.000, Period: 2001 - 2003)

The Project is the second portion of a scheme covering 7 different packages undertaken within the scope of Bursa Environment and Water Health Program.

Excavation / Fill: 960.000 m3
Concrete: 41.000 m3
Concrete Pipe (dia 150 - 1.200 mm): 65.000 m.