Tekfen Job No:

119, 148




T.C.D.D., Turkish State Railways


Tekfen - TTE J.V., ISKRA - SEL Consortium (119)

TEKFEN - Pakpaş J.V., Marubeni - Nippon Signal Consortium (148)

Tekfen Portion:

35% (119)
20% (148)





1- İskenderun - Divriği Railway Signalization System (Job No: 119, US$ 45.500.000)

The scheme is the second railway-signalling project executed in Turkey.

The main construction works completed within the scope of the project were:

710 km of cable trench excavation,
2.500 km of underground cable laying,
76 km of concrete cable channel,
2.000 m3 of concrete foundation.
- Total length of the railway : 577 km
- Number of wayside stations : 51
- Number of terminal stations : 4
- Number of main stations : 4
- Number of Centralized Traffic Control Centers : 4

There are 55 stations on the 577 km long İskenderun - Divriği railway line and each station is a Sub Control Center. The central communication cable providing the connection to the main control is 15 Quad special cable which is specifically designed for this project. Signalling system comprises of the wayside signalling system together with control centers, station control panels, control and indication system, power feeding instruments and protection of level crossings.

80 sets of ATS (Automatic Train Stopping System) are installed to new age diesel locomotives at TCDD (Turkish State Railways Authority) Eskişehir and Ankara Locomotive Plants. The route of the railway line from İskenderun to Divriği crosses through Narlı - Malatya - Çetinkaya branching stations and 15 Quad of telecommunication cables physically connects the railway signalling system to Adana - Malatya I - Malatya II and Sivas Main CTC (Centralized Traffic Control) Centres. The main purpose of the project is to increase the capacity of the railway transportation system connecting iron ore mines of Divriği to the Steel Mills located at İskenderun.

2- Haydarpaşa - Ankara - Kayaş & Halkalı - Çerkezköy - Kapıkule Railways Signalization System (Job No: 148, US$ 8.500.000)

The project mainly comprises of the installation of a new signalization system for the railway between Kapıkule (Edirne) - Halkalı (İstanbul) covering 23 stations spread on a 276 km line.

ATS / Automatic Breaking System was installed for the 28 km long Halkalı - Sirkeci line.
The scope covers the rehabilitation of the railway system between Sincan and Ankara (5 stations, for a distance of 25 km).
584 km Haydarpaşa - Kayaş section was also furnished with ATS.
Erection of 4 CTC’s, 26 signal stations and 620 signal poles were also included within the same scope. The number of level crossings were 100.