Tekfen Job No:



Tschernoretschje, Samara, Russian Federation


Ministry of Defence, Russian Federation


Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc. - Hallesche Mitteldeutsche Bau A.G.* J.V.

*(HMB, Germany is a Tekfen affiliate)

Tekfen Portion:






Samara, the location of the Tschernoretschje Housing Project, is an industrial city situated in Urals region, about 1.000 km east of Moscow.

According to the Unification Treaty of Former East and West Germany on July 1, 1990, signed between the Russian Federation and the Federal German Government, it had been decided that 100 thousand Russian soldiers based in the former East Germany should be returning to Russia. The Federal German Government would undertake the financing of the housing projects to be constructed for these soldiers and their families and issue tenders for construction of satellite towns at locations all over Russia.

Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc. - Hallesche Mitteldeutsche Bau A.G. J.V. was awarded the Tschernoretschje, Samara Project, one of the biggest in this scheme. The engineering works were undertaken by Tekfen Engineering Co., Inc. During the realization of the project, peak manpower reached 6500 and 75 Turkish and foreign subcontractors rendered their services.

The scope of the project covered construction of:

6 different type of flats with net usable areas between 45 m2 and 90 m2,
The buildings are constructed with the industrial form technology (tunnel shape) with pre-fabricated facade insulation elements,
1.910 flats in 149 apartment buildings gathered in 24 blocks with a total construction area of 202.000 m2,
2 day care centers each having 330 children capacity with a total construction area of 14.000 m2,
A two flat shopping center with 10.500 m2 construction area,
A hospital with 200 bed capacity and 27.830 m2 construction area; main building with patient rooms, out-patient department of 200 patients / day capacity, surgery and diagnosis department including eye surgery, intensive-care center, infections disease, gynocology, x-ray, pediatrics and pharmacy departments, also as separate buildings,
School with 44 classrooms, 6 laboratories, 2 gymnasiums and an auditorium with 17.000 m2 construction area,
Hotel building with 12.000 m2 construction area and 350 beds capacity,
Restaurant building having the capacity to serve 300 people at a time, with 5.500 m2 construction area,
Sports Complex with 2 swimming pools, saunas, one multipurpose gymnasium and sports education facilities with a construction area of 8.000 m2,
Bakery having a capacity of 20 t / day with 4.800 m2 construction area,
Service building having several shops for daily needs, such as barbershop, tailor and chemist with a net usable area of 4.000 m2,
Cultural and arts center having a theatre with 800 seats, a conference room with 150 seats, several auditoriums and arts education / training facilities with a construction area of 9.000 m2,
Office building for the municipality, bank, post office and similar services with a construction area of 5.800 m2,
Laundry with 2 t / day capacity, bath facility with 200 people capacity and six saunas all gathered in a building with a construction area of 3.000 m2,
Natural gas / diesel oil central heating plant having 106 MW capacity with a construction area of 2.500 m2.

The bulk material for civil works were sourced locally, as far as they were in compliance with the project specifications and readily available. Rebars, cement and similar items were procured from various sources in Russia while paints, insulation and vitrified material were imported mainly from Turkey and European countries.


Total Construction Area: 202.000 m2
Social Facilities: 120.000 m2
Waste Water Treatment Plant: 6.000 m3 / day (for 50.000 people)
Pump Station PS2: 8.000 m3 / day
Pump Station PS3: 525 m3 / day
Natural Gas Pipeline Distribution System: 11 km
Transmission Lines: 110kV, 35 kV and 10 kV
Substation Center: 110 / 35 / 10 kV, 2x10 MVA
Heating Center: 106 MW


Landscaping: 45.000 m2
Waste Water: 7.600 m
Tap Water: 7.200 m
Rain Water: 8.500 m
Hot Water and Heating System: 19.000 m
Electrical System Cabling: 40.000 m
Telephone System Cabling: 11.000 m
Pedestrian Roads: 21.000 m


Off - site Infrastructure Works consists of the drinking water system with four underground water reservoirs and two pump stations, power supply system, roads and one treatment system.

Drinking Water System:
11 wells, 20-30 m deep, are drilled at a distance of around 20 km from the site, complete with pumps and pump buildings. Drinking water supplied from these wells is carried by a twin pipeline system of 20 km x DN 300. Approximately 800.000 m3 earth filling is accomplished for the construction of an 8 km long road to the location of the wells. The capacity of the pump station PS2, with 2 x 1.500 m3 underground concrete reservoirs, is 8.000 m3 / day. The pump station PS3, with maximum capacity of 525 m3 / hr in case of fire, has also 2 x 1.500 m3 underground concrete reservoirs.

Power Supply, Transmission Lines and Substations:
Construction and erection of transmission lines (110 kV, 35 kV and 10 kV) with a total length of 80 km, a substation center (110 / 35 / 10 kV, 2 x 10 MVA) at Spiridonowka, a substation (35 / 10 kV, 2 x 10 MVA) at Tschernoretchje and 15 substations (2 x 10 MVA) are completed within the scope of the project.

Treatment System:
The treatment system, which is designed for a town of 35.000 habitants, has a capacity of 6.000 m3 / day and the plant process is based on active sludge technic.

The treatment system consists of the following units; a pre-treatment unit, sand and grease trap, aeration tanks (7.000 m3), clarifiers (2.900 m3), thickener, post treatment filter, chlorination, contact tank, sludge drying beds (8.000 m2), sludge post-aerisation.