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Ashghal - Public Works Authority


Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc.

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Al Shamal Road Service enhancement Works is an important road enhancement project which is the part of the Expressway in Qatar. The Expressway Programme provides vital transportation links across Qatar connecting key cities, towns and villages with high quality national freeways and urban arterial routes. Qatar’s entire network of expressways, highways and local roads has been reviewed as part of this Programme. Fundamental improvements and enhancements at existing projects were planned. The Programme is a nationwide road infrastructure scheme that improved the way people and places have beenconnected across the city of Doha and wider Qatar. It delivers over 900 km of new roads and an array of underpasses and multi-level interchanges to enable free-rowing traffic and improved journey times. Ashghal is responsible for the design, construction, delivery and maintenance of all expressways and major roads that cater to current and future traffic demands in Qatar.


Project comprises the design, construction and 400 days maintenance of roads as described here below :

  • At North Road between Km 3+000 to Km 98+200 both sides construction service roads, (between km 3-31 dual 2 lanes road, between km 31-98 two-lanes road)
  • 3,2 km 2 x 2 Road (Umm Birkah Road),
  • 4,8 km 2 x 2 Main Carriageway and 4,5 km 1 x 1 Service Road (Al Khor Road),
  • Construction at N5, N8, N10, N12 and N66 new bridges and fly overs on North Road,
  • N8 Existing Bridge Widening, Construction at N8, N20 and N24 RHS 5 ea Braiding Structures,
  • Connections with the surrounding Road Network and Services,
  • Earthworks (1.058.029 m3Excavation, 6.190.966 m3 fill),
  • Aggregate Base Course (3.925.393 m2),
  • Asphalt Pavement (1.806.139 ton),
  • Curbs and footways (327.859 m curbs, 300.725 m2 paving blocks 60 mm thick),
  • Reinforced Soil Wall System (113.551 m2)
  • Maintenance of traffic and detours, Relocation, Realignment and Diversion of Existing Utilities and Waterlines, Electrical and Telecommunication Works,
  • Road Lighting Works including the installation of Street Lighting Columns and High Masts (320 km cables, 6.218 ea high mast columns and street lighting columns)
  • Landscaping & Irrigation,
  • Approx. 104,8 km Open unlined drainage channel, 19.2 km Pipe Culverts,
  • Telecommunication Works (Q-Tel Lines 30 km, Emiri Signal Lines 18 km, Qatar Armed Forces Lines 18 km),
  • HV and MV Cables (141,9 km),
  • Ducting for Intelligent Transport Systems (42 km),
  • Ducting for Doha Street Surveillance Systems (21 km),
  • Traffic Signing and Marking,
  • Traffic Safety Installations,
  • Treated Sewage Effluent Lines (315 mm dia 124 km HDPE lines, 400 mm dia 2.3 km lines, 600 mm dia 122 km lines, 900 mm dia 64 km lines, 7.3 km Horizontal Direction Drilling),
  • Potable Waterline (400 dia 5.2 km lines, 600 dia 5.2 km lines),
  • Valve Chamber (1.374 ea.)
  • Metal Guardrail (443,7 km)
  • Traffic Signalization Works.