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Tengiz - Atyrau - Russian Border, Kazakhstan


Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC)


Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc.

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CPC is the first post-Soviet era export project of Kazakhstan, transporting rich Tengiz oil to world markets through Russia’s Novorossisk Terminal on the Black Sea Coast. Pipeline will also be transporting the production from other fields in Kazakhstan such as Kashagan and Karachaganak. Russian produced volumes will also be fed to the pipeline through various tie-in points in Russia along the route.

The total length of the pipeline between Tengiz Field and Novorossisk Terminal is 1.510 km with an invested amount of US$ 2,6 billion. The amount of crude oil expected to flow through the pipeline is 28 million t per year.

Tekfen’s scope covered the construction of 452 km, 40” and 28” pipeline (partly rehabilitation, partly new-built) starting from Tengiz Field and reaching Russian / Kazakh border over the north of the Caspian Sea; revamping of the Tengiz Pump Station and construction of a new Pump Station at Atyrau. Pipeline’s original throughput capacity, 28 MTA will ramp up to its final, 67 MTA, with the construction of additional pump stations.


452 km, 40” and 28” existing pipeline rehabilitation,
- Existing pipeline hydro-test and insulation,
- 22 valve stations and communication system,
- 16 road / rail crossings,

kp (kilometer point) 204,0 Atyrau Pig Launcher / Receiver Station Construction,
kp 203,0 Tengiz - Chevron Oil Meter Station,
kp 0,0 - kp 452,0 10 kV Main Energy Line Rehabilitation,
kp 0,0 Tengiz Pump Station Expansion and Rehabilitation,
- 2 main line pumps,
- 6 foam generation buildings,
- 1 fire fighting building,
- 2 x 2.500 m3 fire water tanks,
- 10 kV high voltage energy line,
- 115 km electrical / instrumentation cable lay,
- 150 instrument installation,
- 2.500 loop test,
- New motor control unit,
- Control buildings,
- SCADA System,

kp 204,0 Atyrau Grass Root Pump Station,
- Construction of Central Pump Station in Kazakhstan with, 3.200 m3 / hr capacity,
- 7.000 m3 concrete, 1.800 m pile, 40.000 m3 earth works, tank dikes and sewage system,
- Main control building,
- 2 foam generation buildings,
- Fire fighting building,
- Air floatation building,
- Service water and waste water treatment units,
- EPC works for 2 x 20.000 m3 crude oil storage tanks,
- 2 x 2.500 m3 fire water tanks,
- 2 x 400 m3 static settling tanks,
- 570 t equipment installation,
- 17 km - 850 t steel, cast iron and HDPE pipe fabrication, painting, isolation, insulation, test tracing and installation works,
- Installation of 2 x 40 t main line pumps,
- Fabrication and installation of 200 t steel platform, lighting towers and various supports,
- 230 km electrical / instrument cable pulling,
- 450 loop test,

Project Material and Equipment Procurement worth of US$ 14.000.000,
HSE Achievement Certificate of 4,5 million Man-hours without LTI.

The challenging project also created a unique opportunity for Tekfen to test the new procurement environment in the (post-Soviet) CIS countries.