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Apsheron Peninsula, Baku, Azerbaijan


Azerigaz JSC


Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc. - Azfen J.V.

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Apsheron Peninsula High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline and Associated Compressor Station Project in Azerbaijan has been undertaken by Tekfen - Azfen J.V. on EPC basis.

The project aims to provide natural gas from the SOCARís, (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan), Gas Processing Facilities in Karadag to the 400 MW Severnaya Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant, located 40 km north-east of Baku. While the Project, upon completion, will serve the needs of the power plant, it is the intention of JSC Azerigaz to utilize the project as a component of its future expansion plan to supply gas to other end-users on the Apsheron Peninsula.

The project consists of two phases, the one presently undertaken by Tekfen - Azfen being within the scope of the first phase. The second phase, which is still under consideration, shall include the expansion of the Compressor Station.

Karadag Compressor Station

The compressor station receives natural gas from SOCAR treatment plant and delivers compressed gas into an 87 km long pipeline feeding the Severnaya Power Plant.

The Compressor Station, located at Karadag, consists of the following:

2 gas turbine driven (approximately 11 MW each) compressors each rated at 5 million m3 / day at 37 barg discharge pressure to deliver natural gas to Severnaya Power Plant,
2 (100% motor - driven) start up fuel gas compressors to provide fuel to the main gas turbine drives,
Air / gas coolers,
Emergency Auxiliary Diesel or Gas Generator Set,
- Three pig stations at Karadag, Digah and Severnaya,
- 2 Line Valve Stations at Karadag - Digah and Digah - Severnaya,
- Cathodic Protection System,
- 2 Branch Tie-Ins,
- 2 Gas Metering Facilities.

Karadag - Digah Pipeline

42 km long Karadag - Digah Pipeline transports natural gas from the Karadag Compressor Station to the Digah Pig Station. The pipeline, 1.000 mm in diameter with the wall thickness varying between 11,01 and 19,10 mm is designed for 45 barg and operated at 37 barg.

Digah - Severnaya Pipeline Digah - Severnaya Pipeline is 45 km long and transports natural gas from Digah Pig Station to the Severnaya Power Plant. This pipeline, which is designed for 45 barg and operated at 37 barg, is 700 mm in diameter with the pipe wall thickness varying between 9,52 and 13,00 mm.

Pig Stations

1 Pig Station at Karadag Compressor Station consisting of a pig launcher and vent stack,
1 Pig Station at Digah consisting of a pig receiver, pig launcher and vent stack,
1 Pig Station at Severnaya Power Plant consisting of a pig receiver and vent stack.

Line Break and Branch Tie - In Valve Stations;

LVS - 1 at kp 23+855
LVS - 2 at kp 63+500

5 Branch Tie-Ins

BV 1 at 0+907
BV 2 at 23+050
BV 3 at 34+350
BV 4 at 41+950
BV 5 at 87+117

Gas Metering Facilities

Karadag Outlet Metering Facility (At outlet of compressor station Karadag - Digah - Severnaya Pipeline at the territory of the Severnaya Power Plant).

Other Associated Systems and Facilities within the projectís scope are:

Corrosion inhibitor injection facilities for internal corrosion protection,
Internal corrosion monitoring facilities,
Cathodic protection system,
Electrical system,
Grounding and lightning protection.

The project has been successfully completed 60 days prior to scheduled completion date by Tekfen - Azfen J.V