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Rumaila Oilfield, Basra, Rumaila


BP Iraq NV


Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc.

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The Rumaila oilfield, located 50 kilometers west of Basra in Southern Iraq, is one of the largest oil fields in the world. On 3 November 2009 BP Iraq NV, in partnership with China National Petroleum Company (CNPC), the South Oil Company (SOC) and the Oil Marketing Company of the Republic of Iraq (SOMO) was awarded a 20 year Producing Field Technical Services Agreement (TSC) by Iraq’s Ministry of Oil (MoO) for operating the Rumaila oilfield. The Rumaila field is operated by a newly formed unincorporated joint venture called the Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO). COMPANY acts as lead contractor and enters into all contractual arrangements required by the ROO.

The oilfield production capacity is around 1,5 million barrels as of 2018.

In order to sustain or grow oil production the capacity at Rumaila Oilfield as the field matures, several oil (Dehydrator & Desalter-D&D, new trains, separators, etc.) and water projects (Free Water Knock out projects-FWKO, Produced Water projects, pipelines, treatment plants, etc.) are being implemented at the existing degassing stations in phases.

The General Installation Services Contract Tekfen signed with BP Iraq NV is a frame contract. This frame contract defines the type of activities/services that might be required though out the contract. However the specific work scope and related technical and commercial extent is being determined based on the Call offs to be issued by Client for each specific project.


The Call offs issued to Tekfen in 2018 as of July under General Installation Services for Rumaila contract can be briefly summarized as:
• D&Ds DS03 Execution Preparations / Call off-01
• FWKO DS03 Strategy Development & Preparation of Project Execution Plan / Call off-02
• Demolition & Relocation and Site Preparation Works at DS 03 for FWKO Project. / Call off-03
• Project Management Team for FWKO Project at DS03 / Call off-04
• Direct Procurement of Materials for DS03 FWKO/Call off-05
• DS03 NDT Services / Call-off 006
• Procurement of Bulk Structural Steel for DS03 / Call-off 007
• Fabrication and Installation Works for DS03 FWKO Free Water Knock out unit/ Call off -…to be issued

General Installation Services for Rumaila Project scope mainly consists of the following items:
• Certain discipline engineering and procurement activities, Project Management Services
• Temporary Facilities and works to enable the construction of permanent works,
• Civil works (demolition & removal of existing infrastructure, earthworks, concrete/foundation works (including raft foundations), piling, road works, fencing works and the like),
• Supply, offsite fabrication and/or installation of PAU’s, valve skids, pipe racks/bridges and the like. Supply, fabrication and installation of structures including pipe racks, pipe supports, support structures for vessels, structures, platforms and access ladders with safety cages, miscellaneous supports and access structures, supports for electrical and instrumentation cable trays and racks, covers for manholes and trenches.
• Building works/extensions,
• Installation of mechanical process equipment and the mechanical hook-up & tie-in of the new equipment to the existing facilities including heavy transportation/lifting subcontractor to perform the transportation and installation of this equipment,
• Process and utility piping installations of all materials, grades, including GRP, pressure ratings and diameters in oil, gas and water systems,
• Coating & Painting
• Testing
• Installation of electrical and controls systems/equipment and the hook-up & tie-in of the new equipment to the existing facilities,
• Secondary steel work associated with mechanical, electrical, piping and instrumentation systems and installations,
• Pre-commissioning & commissioning assistance