Tekfen Job No:

132, 133, 141


Baiji, Iraq - Ceyhan, Turkey


BOTAŞ, Petroleum Pipelines Corporation


Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc. - Saipem SpA (Italy) - Kutlutaş (Turkey) Consortium

Tekfen Portion:






The first pipeline (981 km) transporting crude oil from Iraq (Kirkuk) to Turkey (Ceyhan) was constructed between 1975 - 1977. Tekfen was part of the contracting group, which successfully accomplished the construction of the challenging project.

Tekfen was also among the contractors overtaking the 2nd expansion works of Iraq - Turkey Crude Oil Pipeline as a consortium between 1985 - 1987.

The description of works are as following:

1 - Iraq - Turkey Crude Oil Pipeline & Tank Farm, 2nd Expansion Project, Turkish Section
(Job No: 132, US$ 71.428.427)

The project scope (of the Pipeline’s Turkish Section) includes EPC works of 5 x 135.000 m3 (total 4.218.000 bbl) floating roof crude oil storage tanks (dia 100,59 m & height 17, 16 m) including commissioning and maintenance services during the warranty period. Erection of the tank farm (at Ceyhan, Turkey), its loading facilities and related piping works were executed by Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc. while the tankage manufacturing works were executed by its affiliate, Tekfen Manufacturing and Engineering Co., Inc.

The project scope also covered;

Engineering and construction works of 30’’ x 56 km and 46’’ x 556 km pipelines with two major river crossings; Euphrates River 46’’ x 308 m crossing, 4-6 m depth, 2 m / sec flow rate; Göksu River 46” x 320 m crossing and Bahçe River 30’’ x 550 m (concrete buried pipe) crossing,
Procurement and installation of 3 pump stations, 1 metering station and 4 scraper stations,
Construction of a ballast treatment plant with capacity of 800 m3 / hr.

2 - Iraq - Turkey Crude Oil Pipeline & Tank Farm, 2nd Expansion Project, Iraqi Section
(Job No: 133, US$ 12.300.000)

The scheme under Tekfen’s scope in Iraqi section (Baiji) covered the design, procurement, fabrication, erection, testing, painting, commissioning, all related piping, electrical, instrumentation works and maintenance services during warranty period of 6 floating roof storage tanks each with a capacity of 60.000 m3 (total 2.250.000 bbl, dia 79,86 m & height 12 m) and one 15.000 m3 (93.750 bbl) fire water tank.

3 - Iraq - Turkey Crude Oil Pipeline, Interconnecting Facilities at Ceyhan Marine Terminal
(Job No: 141, US$ 4.070.000)

The scope of the project overtaken by Tekfen covered the construction and installation works of interconnecting facilities between two separate pipeline systems:

(a) Iraq (Kirkuk) - Turkey (Ceyhan) and
(b) Yumurtalık - Kırıkkale Crude Oil Pipeline System located within central Turkey. The interconnecting works were executed at Ceyhan Marine Terminal located at the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey.

* In March 2003 Tekfen started construction of a new Marine Terminal at Ceyhan, this time in the framework of another mega scheme, Baku - Tbilisi - Ceyhan, BTC Crude Oil Pipeline Project, transporting the Caspian crude oil to the Mediterranean shores.