Tekfen Job No:

72, 120, 144, 248


Ceyhan, Adana, Turkey


Toros Fertilizer and Chemical Industry Co., Inc.


Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc.

Tekfen Portion:



03/01/1977 (72)
01/12/1983 (120)
02/01/1989 (144)
15/06/2000 (248)


31/01/1981 (72)
31/12/1985 (120)
29/08/1990 (144)
20/02/2001 (248)

Toros Fertilizer Plant and Terminal Facilities are suitably located on Turkey’s south - eastern Mediterranean Coast, near Ceyhan, one of the most important agricultural regions of Turkey; Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc., undertook the construction of the fertilizer plant and marine terminal as an EPC Contractor.

The first phase of the project, which was started in 1977, covered feasibility studies, preliminary engineering works, license agreements, detail engineering works, procurement, construction, fabrication and erection, electrical and instrumentation works and commissioning.

Tekfen was also directly involved in activities related to providing finance for the project.

Toros Fertilizer Plant has two compound-fertilizer (NPK) production units, which can also produce DAP (Diammonium Phosphate). The plant can produce 132.000 t of MAP (Mono Ammonium Phosphate), 660.000 t of NPK and 200.000 t of DAP per year.

Presently, Toros Marine Terminal is one of the most important multi-purpose terminals in the entire eastern Mediterranean region handling both dry bulk and liquid cargoes, including petroleum products. The Terminal, successfully handles up to 6 million t of bulk and liquid cargoes annually. The truck loading / unloading station, which possesses heating facilities, can accommodate 56 road tankers at a time.

Marine Terminal’s two jetties, servicing vessels of up to 100.000 DWT, with eight separate well equipped berths, enable simultaneous loading / unloading operations that can reach up to 17.000 t of daily discharge rate at each of the two main platforms.

Jetty No: 1 is 1.200 m long, consists of two platforms (main and coaster), 3 berths and has a 400 mtph (unloading) conveyor capacity, pipelines for various products connect eastern berth of main platform to the tank farm.

Jetty No: 2 is 1.600 m long, consists of three platforms (main, central, coaster) and 6 berths.

Storage capacity of the terminal exceeds 1 million t of which 300.000 t is covered storage space. The high capacity bagging unit and the versatile handling system is capable of simultaneous loading of bagged cargo to sea-going vessels and outgoing trucks. There are also 33 separate multipurpose tanks with a total capacity of 176.000 m3 ranging in size between 500 m3 to 20.000 m3 for use in the storage of crude oil, edible oils and other liquid commodities.

Toros facilities’ first expansion works took place between 1983 - 1985.

The complex consists of an administrational building, housing for key personnel and recreational facilities.

The new marine terminal was constructed between 1989 - 1990 further expanding the handling and storage capacities of Toros while 3 x 20.000 m3 capacity crude oil storage tanks were delivered in 2001 also by Tekfen on EPC basis, within a very short time, thus enhancing the capacity of the terminal to its present level.