Tekfen Job No:

(Job undertaken by HMB*)


Saxony Anhalt, Germany


Thyssen-Lurgi-Technip J.V



* Hallesche Mitteldeutsche Bau AG form Germany is a 100% subsidiary of Tekfen

Tekfen Portion:






Grass root construction of the Leuna 2000 Refinery in Germany represents one of the largest industrial projects undertaken at the end of the 20th century. Following the country's reunification in 1990, Elf Aquitaine had purchased Minol, the state concern for storage, transportation and distribution of oil products in the former East- Germany, subsequently getting permission to build a new refinery to replace the two outdated refineries of Leuna and Zeitz.

HMB - Hallesche Mitteldeutsche Bau AG, Tekfen's 100% owned subsidiary in Germany, undertook to perform majority of the civil works at the Refinery and tank farm units, as well as engineering, procurement and construction of 7 satellite control buildings; the works were awarded to HMB in two separate contracts by the main contracting group Thyssen - Lurgi - Technip J.V. in March'95.

The work scope also included construction of pipe racks, pipeways, culverts, ducts and underground utility piping of the Refinery. The contractual obligations of HMB were successfully fulfilled at the end of September'97.

Located at the center of a demanding and quality conscious market, Leuna 2000 Refinery became one of Europe's most modern and environmentally friendly oil processing plants, with an annual crude oil processing capacity of 10 million t.


  • 15 Road Culverts,
  • 15 km of Plant Roads,
  • 7 Satellite Control Center Buildings,
  • Foundations for 13 ea Pumping Stations,
  • 15 km of Drainage Ditches,
  • 150.000 m2 of Gravelled Areas,
  • 1 km2 of Earth Works / Levelling,
  • 2,5 km of Pipe Racks,
  • 40 Fire Protection Walls,
  • 16 km of GR Fire Fighting Piping Systems,
  • 14,6 km of Concrete DA Underground Oil-Contaminated Water Pipeline,
  • 8 km of HDPE Underground Pressure Piping,
  • 500 Firewater, 200 Waste Oil & 300 Rain Water Manholes,
  • 10.000 m2 of Concrete Paving,
  • 100 Pits for Storage Tanks,
  • 11,5 km of Pipe Support Foundations,
  • 3,5 km of Surface Water Drainage,
  • 5 km of Drinking Water Piping.