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Mohammedia, Casablanca, Morocco


Société Anonyme Marocaine de l’Industrie du Raffinage (SAMIR)


Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc.

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Société Anonyme Marocaine de l’Industrie du Raffinage (SAMIR) is one of the largest companies operating in Morocco and owns the sole refinery of the country.

The refinery (125.000 bpd), located at Mohammedia, on the Atlantic coast, about 30 km north of Casablanca, has started a major expansion program as of 2005 to upgrade and add new units to the existing ones.

Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) works completed by Foster Wheeler foresee a project configuration based on the installation of a new processing complex, which will be integrated into the existing refinery.

The major elements of the Upgrading Project, the new process units are listed as follows:
• Vacuum Distillation Unit 54.300 bpsd (360 m3/h)
• Fuels Hydrocracker Unit 36.000 bpsd (239 m3/h)
• Distillate Hydrotreater Unit 55.000 bpsd (364 m3/h)
• Hydrogen Production Unit 102.000 Nm3/h (220 TPD)
• Sulphur Recovery Unit 253 TPD per train (2 trains)

The project also includes necessary expansion of the refinery infrastructure covering offsite and utility systems, amine treatment and sour water stripping facilities, plus 398 tie-ins to the existing system.

The upgrade scheme is designed to enable the Samir Refinery to meet future domestic demand of Morocco for refined products, particularly middle distillates and also to manufacture products for the European and other markets.

The objectives of the upgrade scheme are:
- To process 1.22 mio t of atmospheric residue,
- To decrease the proportion of the heavy oil production by upgrading the heavy oil to valuable middle distillate products, and,
- To improve quality of distillate fuel products, namely diesel.

Chevron Lummus Global (hydrocracker), UOP (hydrotreater), Parsons (sulphur recovery unit) are the technology licensors.

In the project all construction works and procurement of civil, structural steel, insulation and painting materials are within Tekfen’s scope.


  • Excavation: 265.725 m3
  • Reinforced Concrete: 81.357 m3
  • Paving Concrete: 53.412 m2
  • Asphalt Road: 21.000 m2
  • Offices and Substation Buildings: 6.400 m2
  • Structural Steel: 8.000 t
  • Equipment Erection: 20.500 t
  • Heavy Lift Erection: 3.150 t
  • Piping Erection (supports incl.): 11.822 t
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Cabling: 1.000 km
  • Insulation: 160.000 m2
  • Painting: 313.370 m2