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KOC, Kuwait Oil Company


Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc.

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The Enhancement of Crude Export Facilities Project is consisting of the construction of eight new crude oil storage tanks, each with a net operating capacity of 618.000 Bbbls, and their associated facilities in EPCC basis. The purpose of the project is to increase the total crude export capacity and to improve operating reliability and flexibility. The project is developed in two portions:

Portion I - Installation of three tanks, together with all infrastructures necessary to support the receipt, storage and export of crude oil.

Portion II - Installation of five tanks, together with all infrastructures necessary to support the receipt, storage and export of crude oil.

The major activities can be summarized as follows:
Construction of Eight new crude oil tanks, one 48" new filling line header and two 48" sub headers, as well as 3x48" new gravity outlet lines. Connection of the new gravity manifold to the existing gravity loading manifolds.
Implementing infrastructure for the 8 new tanks comprising foundation, bunds, roads, storm water sewer system, stairways, platforms and impounding basin.
Provision of tank gauging and management system for the new 8 tanks.
Installation of a new filling manifold drain pump
Installation of 2 new firewater pumps with 5.400 USGPM capacities.
Installation of a new firewater jockey pump with 240 USGPM capacity.
Construction of 30" firewater main header.
Installation of 24" firewater ring mains.
Installation of 2" foam concentrate ring mains.
Installation of 4 new foam pumps.
Provision of Fire and Gas Detection System.
Construction of a new firewater pump house and two new foam pump houses.
Provision of 4 pieces of portable tank mixers together with mobile trailer for tank dislodging.
4 new 11 kV / 457 V RMU substations are constructed in the STF, three indoor type and one outdoor. These substations are tied into an 11 kV ring main also part of the scope, with the two ends of the ring supplied from the existing 11 kV substation.
The 11 kV /457 V RMU substations shall supply all of the permanent electrical loads, including all MOVs, pumps, cathodic protection transformer rectifiers, UPS equipment, area and local lighting, and small power requirements.
Mounting of a mobile generator on a roadworthy trailer.
Other electrical systems and equipment which are provided under the Contract include but are not limited to: HV&LV power distribution cable & equipment; controls & instrumentation cable works; un-interruptive power supplies; cathodic protection; indoor, outdoor, non-essential, essential and emergency lighting; earthing; lightning protection, small power and telecommunications.
Providing lighting, fire protection, H2S detection, electrical and instrumentation and all other necessary infrastructure systems.
Prelocation of existing substation and the re-routing of associated 11 kV supplies.
Construction of Evaporation pit for discharging the oily water
Supply and installation of Filling Manifold Drain Pump
Supply and installation of H2S Scrubber.