Tekfen Job No:

276, 277


Ceyhan, Adana, Turkey


BTC Co. (BP)


Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc.

Tekfen Portion:






Scope of the project was construction of a Crude Oil Export Terminal at Ceyhan, on Turkey’s south-eastern Mediterranean Coast. The terminal was designed to serve as the storage and export (marine vessel loading) facilities of the 1.760 km long Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Crude Oil Pipeline System which crosses three countries; Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey before reaching Ceyhan, the export terminal. BTC Pipeline System is designed to transport Azeri crude oil to the Mediterranean. BTC Co. has been the Client of Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc. The total investment of the mentioned pipeline scheme in three countries exceeded US$ 3 Billion.

Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc.’s scope covered detailed engineering, procurement of some major equipment and construction works for both onshore and offshore terminal facilities. Tekfen Engineering Co., Inc. worked with Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc., in prepering the detailed engineering works.

The Onshore Project Scope;
  • Earthworks, including roads, tank foundations and offshore causeway construction,
  • Construction of access roads,
  • Procurement, prefabrication and erection of 7 x 150.000 m3 (950.000 bbls) floating roof tanks for crude oil storage (dia 100 m, height 20 m each) and 1 x 11.100 m3 (70.000 bbls) internal floating roof relief tank,
  • Piping works (mainly 2x42" dia for crude oil, 30"/24" dia for fire water, 6" dia for flushing, 6" dia for fire fighting foam, 4" dia for service water and 4" dia for potable water),
  • Oil receiving facilities (process equipment, fire fighting station, laboratory, substation),
  • Erection of metering station and VOC incineration plant,
  • Design, procurement and installation of Wax Handling Facilities,
  • Procurement and installation of Potable & Waste Water Treatment Facilities,
  • Construction of water reservoirs with 500 m3 and 200 m3 capacities,
  • Construction of housing compound facilities (6 buildings),
  • Construction of general facilities (6 buildings),
  • Construction of guard houses (3 buildings),
  • Electrical and instrumentation works,
  • Procurement and installation of control and supervisory sytems (CCTV, fire alarm, intrusion detection),
  • Infrastructure for all facilities, water transmission pipeline system to the terminal,
  • Procurement and installation of oily water seperation system,
  • Fire fighting system comprising two 6.000 lt fire trucks, foam extinguishing of rim fire for all tanks, cooling water system for all tanks, 3 Battler monitors for full-surface fire, distributed fire hydrants.
The Offshore Project Scope;
  • Construction of 2,6 km long jetty structure, presently the longest in Turkey, (with 496 e.a. permanent 60" jetty piles) with a capacity to serve 2 vessels up to 300.000 DWT,
  • Construction of 366 m long causeway,
  • Construction of the jetty control building on a seperate platform
  • Construction and installation of jetty fire water replenishing pump station on seperate platform,
  • Construction and installation of jetty loading platform with 6 crude oil loading arms with a total capacity of 120.000 barrels/hr and 2 Vapour Handling Arms, all having emergency release facility.
  • Construction of 9 mooring dolphins,
  • Construction of 4 breasting dolphins,
  • Piping works (2x42" dia. crude oil, 1x30 dia-20" dia fire water, 1x24" dia VOC, 6 inch.dia flush, 6" dia foam, 4" dia service water, 4" dia potable water),
  • Procurement and installation of control and supervisory sytems (closed circuit TV, fire alarm, intrusion detection),
  • Procurement and installation of fender systems,
  • Procurement and installation of 2 access gangways with cranes,
  • Procurement and installation of 2 fire fighting monitor towers,
  • Procurement and installation of remote controlled fire extinguishing and excape way cooling system,
  • Procurement and installation of fully automated quick release mooring hooks coupled with remote berthing aid system for each berth,
  • Procurement and installation of oily water seperation system on loading platform.


  • Concrete Works: 69.000 m3 (33.000 m3 Onshore, 36.000 m3 Offshore Facilities)
  • Reinforcing Steel Works: 6.800 t (2.200 t Onshore, 4.600 t Offshore Facilities)
  • Structural Steel Works: 2.350 t (350 t Onshore, 2.000 t Offshore Facilities)
  • Steel Plates (Storage Tanks): 20.000 t
  • Pile Works: 29.000 m, 496 e.a.